We at Acousticon are proud to support the Unitron Flex:trial program. With Flex:trial, you can come in, get your hearing tested, and leave with a pair of instruments  that day, risk free. If you love them, you can keep them; if not, there's no fee to you. If you don't believe it's worth it, about 90% of our clients who have used Flex:trial units have gone on to purchase their own. Watch Nanette's experience below, and learn how Flex:trial changed her life.

The decision to select hearing aids can be long and tiring. See how Flex:trial with its "try before you buy" option made all the difference for Nanette.

Try It

Take home Flex:trial hearing aids RISK FREE on your first visit



Wear It

Try the hearing aids at work and home with NO COST or COMMITMENT


Love It

Decide if you love the hearing aids or walk away and you OWE NOTHING