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When you can’t hear, it affects your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. Learn how our discreet and stylish hearing aids have ended the stigma:


The ability to hear is the ability to connect with others. Here at Acousticon, we value our client relationships above all.

Since 1934, our foundation has been built on honesty and transparency, and time again our client successes prove that we are changing their lives through better hearing.

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Interview: Tim McCue, Owner, Acousticon

Tim McCue, Owner and Hearing Specialist at Acousticon HAC

Tim McCue, Owner and Hearing Specialist at Acousticon HAC

How has the hearing aid industry changed with advancements in technology?

Over the years, one of the greatest changes I've seen is in the Flex:trial program. We can give a client a set of hearing aids risk free on their first visit to our office. We advise them to wear the hearing aids in every situation they have difficulty, and experience the difference.

What would you say to someone considering hearing aids?

For anyone considering hearing aids, I would recommend they come in, meet us, and go through a Flex:trial. Try the hearing aids at work, home, with family and friends, with no cost or commitment, and see the difference.

I wear hearing aids myself, and I can't imagine my life without them. Between work, talking on the phone with my daughters, and keeping up around the dinner table, my life is surrounded by sounds I can't miss.  

Which qualities are most important to you when fitting someone with hearing aids?

There’s a saying that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. My position is to listen to what you’re telling me, fine-tune adjustments accordingly, and make sure you leave ready to take on the world.

Why should someone considering hearing aids choose Acousticon?

Here at Acousticon, we emphasize follow-up appointments after a client is fit with their hearing aids. Before you leave the office, you’re scheduled for a follow up appointment one week later, and any more you'd like after. This relationship enables us to learn your lifestyle, program your settings, and ensure your happiness.

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