At Acousticon, our clients drive us to be our best each day.

Here's what some of them have to say:

My husband Bill has worn hearing aids for many years, this past pair being pair #3. They are by far the very best ones due to advancing technology. He wears them comfortably in a restaurant where there is background noise, as well as both the SUV or the truck.

Children’s voices are much easier to understand, concerts are enjoyed, and, of course, so is the TV. We would recommend Acousticon to anyone in need of hearing instruments, both for the quality of the product and the knowledge, expertise and friendliness of the staff.
— Joyce K.
My relationships with hearing loss started long before my own hearing loss. I accompanied my dad to see Tim and so appreciated his help and understanding with my father’s profound hearing loss, caused at least in part by his working conditions for many years.

After my family noticed I was constantly asking them to repeat themselves when talking to me, I made my first appointment with Tim. It was the best thing I could have done. Don’t hesitate in getting the treatment you need. You deserve it.
— Carol
Twenty years ago, my doctor suggested a hearing aid. I tried several places, but wasn’t pleased with the policies or attitude of the staff. When I came to Acousticon and was fitted for my 1st instrument, I discovered how much of life I had been missing due to my inability to hear.

I have been treated with kindness, concern for my financial situation, and above all, the integrity of the staff is shown of a daily basis. I have recommended Acousticon to friends and family- Each one has been happy with their hearing aids and have chosen to stay with Tim and Steve as I have.
— Dawn
I have my life back thanks to you. I was always saying “Huh?!” when people talked to me. My daughter made the appointment for me. When we arrived, Tim tested my hearing and explained everything. When he gave me the hearing aids to tests- WOW! What a difference! My life is so different now, I wear mine 24 hours a day! If you are having trouble hearing, don’t wait because it doesn’t get any better.
— Linda
I am very happy that I picked Acousticon. The people there are very friendly and help you get the right hearing instrument for you. I have Unitron hearing aids, the best hearing aids I’ve ever had. Now I can answer my cell phone without picking it up and I can listen to music from my cell phone in my hearing aids. I would recommend Acousticon Hearing Aid Center to everyone who needs a better hearing aid. Thank you Acousticon!
— Eric
My hearing aids have made a great difference in my family’s life. They are now able to talk, not yell. They are able to enjoy television. They used to complain about the TV being so loud. They claimed it hurt their ears. I also enjoy visiting with my family. I used to misunderstand what was said. I would get mad because I thought they said something totally different. I felt left out of conversations! I was always saying “huh” or “what”! Thank you.
— Bob
I thought that I was too young to need a hearing aid, that the problem was everyone else’s- not mine. By when I started to find myself removed more and more from family or friends’ conversations, I start to get scared. Scared that I would end up like elderly people I had known over the years who seemed isolated in the middle of a room full of people.

My husband was frustrated with me, I wasn’t hearing well at work, and for a while we joked about it, but it was getting worse, and then it wasn’t funny anymore. Reluctantly, I made an appointment, I was sure I would find out that my hearing was fine, and that everyone else had the problem. I learned that I have hearing loss. I needed a hearing aid. It was hard to accept at first, but Tim was so so helpful and I agreed to try the hearing aids for a few weeks with no obligation. I didn’t like them at first because I was sure I was too young to have to wear them.

But then a funny thing happened, I went out to dinner with my friends and I was able to participate in the entire conversation, and my husband doesn’t have to repeat everything he says to me. Now the first thing I do in the morning is put in my hearing aids. I have faced the fact that I need them and really can’t function socially without them.

Hearing aids really do “improve the quality of life with better hearing”. Tim was very patient with me and he made it comfortable for me to adapt to wearing a hearing aid. I went back time and time again to make slight adjustments and ask questions- lots of questions!

Thank you to Elmira Hearing Aid Center and Tim McCue. I know I can count on Tim if I need anything.
— Sheila

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