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Hearing Tests

Your journey towards better hearing starts with first testing your hearing during your initial visit. In our state-of-the-art sound booth, we’ll learn first if you have a hearing loss, and if so, to what extent of loss. This information helps to inform us of the level of technology you will need.

After the test, we will ask about your daily life: Where have you noticed a difference in understanding over time? What brought you to Acousticon? Do you have trouble keeping up at meetings or dinner parties? Do you find yourself having to ask your spouse to repeat what they say? Do you have to turn the volume up on the television? Each of these are common examples we help with everyday here at Acousticon, and can be assisted by our custom fit, individually programmed hearing aids. 

Hearing Aid Fittings

When properly fitted to the specific shape of your ear, hearing aids can do a world of difference. This is why there’s no true “One Size Fits All” hearing aid, because one size doesn’t fit all. When we fit you with ITC (in the canal) or BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids, we take impressions that we can keep for years to come.

Newer models like the T Moxi products follow the RIC (Receiver in Canal) model, such that you don’t need impressions. With our Flex:Trial program, you could leave with a pair of hearing aids programmed and fit to your ears on your first visit.

Regardless of design, if your instruments become lost or damaged, you can call us and well order a new pair (free if under warranty) all from the phone. Over the years, as your ears change, we can take new impressions, or use our machines to grind out edges.

Routine Follow-Ups

Follow-ups are imperative after your initial hearing aid fitting. Now that you've brought your instruments home with you, they're a part of your daily life.

If the television is too loud, or noisy restaurants are still muffled, we want you to come in and discuss your progress. With this knowledge, we can make adjustments, and ensure before you leave that you're hearing as well as ever.

Repairs and Warranties

Hearing Aid Repair Machine

If you need adjustments made to improve clarity, or fit, we have the technology to make live adjustments, including grinding, buffing, and polishing your hearing aids for a more seamless fit. With your hearing aids under warranty, it doesn’t matter if you’re home or on vacation, we can send you a pair good as new. 

Moreover, if needed, we will give you hearing aids to wear while you're waiting for repairs or replacements to come in, so you're never without hearing.

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