uDirect ™ is a neck-worn device that acts as an interface between wireless hearing instruments, and a variety of audio devices, such as:

• Hands-free operation of your mobile phone, personal computer, and other Bluetooth-enabled audio equipment

• Connection to many devices such as portable MP3 players, GPS devices, and radios via a standard audio jack using a cable connection

Wearing your uDirect™: To put your uDirect around your neck, open the neckloop by unplugging it. Put the neckloop around your neck and plug it in. This will activate the built-in antenna, and is necessary for the uDirect to communicate with your hearing instruments. You can place the uDirect underneath your shirt, making it virtually undetectable. 

Connecting to Bluetooth® Devices: There are two steps that need to be completed in order to use a Bluetooth device with a uDirect. Pairing is the process in which you introduce two Bluetooth-enabled devices to each other and unite them with a password for secure communication. It needs to be completed only once for each device you want to use with your uDirect. uDirect can simultaneously pair up to 8 devices. Once you have paired your Bluetooth device with your uDirect it needs to be ‘connected’ to your uDirect before it will actually send audio signals to it. Some Bluetooth devices connect automatically to the uDirect, once both devices are turned on; others require you to connect manually

Operating Time: Fully charged, your uDirect will operate for approximately 10 – 12 hours in normal use, and can be charged hundreds of times. Battery consumption and the operating time of the uDirect depend greatly on the usage of the device. 

Unitron uTV 3


The uTV expands the way you hear your world by wirelessly connecting your hearing instruments to your TV and other entertainment or communication devices. All sounds are transmitted in stereo sound, for full enjoyment of movies or television programs. 

The TV solution consists of three main elements: your hearing instruments, the uDirect, and the Unitron uTV.

The uTV is connected to your TV (or any other audio source) and wirelessly sends audio signals from your TV to your uDirect within a range of up to 30 meters (100 ft). The uTV also serves as a charging cradle for uDirect when uDirect is not in use.

Unitron Hearing Aids Remote Control

Unitron Remote Control

The intended use of the remote control is to enable easy changes of your hearing aid programs and volume. The remote control must be configured for your hearing aids by your hearing healthcare professional before use.

As the volume is adjusted, your hearing aids may beep. 

Your remote is designed to be used comfortably in your hand at a maximum distance of one arm’s length (40”). Hold the remote so the buttons are facing you, however, you do not have to point the remote at your hearing aids. Placing the remote directly next to or too close to your hearing aids may decrease the remote’s effectiveness.

Program Change Button (P): Press the program change button to change to the next listening program in your hearing aids. 

Home Button: Press the home button to return your hearing aids and settings to their start-up program and the settings. Please refer to your hearing aid guide to determine which program is your start-up program.

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